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A co-worker just passed this around:

Rather than call an non-geographical 0870x numbers (minimum 7p/minute) use to find the actual number and only pay for a normal call. This has been a public service email.

What a great idea -- Another example of the digital consumer doing it for themselves:-)


I too have just tried say no to 0870, no joy. I used to use it all the time. Anyone have any ideas what has happened?


I can get on to this website, and I use it all the time. It annoys me as you get land line inclusive mintures on my mobile but the 0870 0845 numbers etc are not included.

Marc Sampson


Say no to 0870 is working I have just used it

Hi Chelle,

Yup, I think their service has shut down :-(

You could try reaching the admin contact for the domain and asking them what happened (sseing as this was a brilliant concept):
51/52 Sandylands
Heysham, UK LA3 1DW

Me too!

I've been trying for the past hour. Guess the guys with the 0870 numbers have hacked in to it:-(

Hi Amyn, I'm not sure what you mean?

Hi I just tried to put go on to say no to 0870 but it is saying sever not found




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