Is BT still shit?

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Tom Hough recently commented on an older post about BT.

As with a lot of the “enraged mutton” posts, it was a bit of a venting session, but I’ll reprint the BT phone number here. I can’t garantee it’s still live, but here goes nothing;-)

…a very nice lady called Alita calls you and gives you a phone number (an 0800 number no less) that gets you straight through to customer care—no queue, no delay, no option-3, just straight through to the nice lady.

So got a problem with BT? Need to vent? Here’s the number:

0800 800 871

That ends this public service announcement…


Hi Jane, could you clarify for the rest of us who are not directly linked to BT.

We all feel the frustration and feel completely powerless to get results. Any news or knowledge of what actually happens at BT would certainly help boost morale.

Hi Matt - would you please be able to get in touch regarding your experience working for BT. I will then explain in full. Thank you.

If you work, or have previously worked for BT - email me or leave a post please. Thank you

In a nutshell...

I work in an outsourcing call centre that does BT work. The amount of time BT trainers and heads of departments come over and promise us all sorts of bonuses and rewards and NEVER come up with the goods, is an absolute disgrace.

This is why when you ring BT no one gives a toss, you aren't even speaking to a proper BT call centre, its some low-paid hell-hole where the staff don't get sufficient training and frankly don't care as proper BT staff get bonuses and they don't.

TIP: When you call BT, tell them YOU are recording the call from your end, ask for the staff member's EIN number (employee identification number) and manager's name, also to be really annoying always ask them to read the terms of contract to you.

Why? Because none of them know what they are;-)


BT is the biggest pile of crap internet ever. it is stupidly slow.

I signed up for the top broadband package and was told that for atleast a month i would get 512mb connection even though i am signed up for 8mb?? i thought i can live with a months slow net, but here i am about 8 months on and still have the worst internet connection ever, and i pay like £25 month ish???? whats the point of offering such crap broadband?? unless you live on top on their controll centre you are screwe, and once you have signed up for the top package they will not let you change packages until your contract is up, even though they know you are getting the same sped as someone who pays £8 month??? this is bo**ox and they should be shut down, or start taking care of the people who keep them alive........ Also i have to pay for a phone line just to use the crap broadband, and i have used the phne once in 8 months? why do they not simply disconnect the phone from outgoing and incoming calls as an option to save their customers some money to pay there crap inetrnet?? i run a website and need fast internet which is why i went to BT in first place, now i have so so much trouble running it because of slow connection. this is legal scamming at it's worst..


i do agree with you all but we are customers at the end of the day, and we are always right, so why dont they get there fingers out of there arses and sort BT out internet is shit phone calls are dear but yet we all stick by them after all they are suposed to be a british company....!what aload of BOLLOCKS....... MANYTHANKS SHAUN..

BT is still shit. I got a whacking gr8 bill, free evening & weekend calls my arse. They a bunch of money grabbing bastards sooner I get out my contract the better they not c me again rip off after rip off.

Another thread has started up over on Kudocities (thanks Willster)

Hi Ken, care to expand a bit on that? We'd like to hear the detail of your experiences if possible.

Aaaaaaggh BT are shit!

Hi all!

Firstly I will just put you in the picture as to who I am. I am an ex BT employee, and I worked in the PSTN (analogue phone line) repair management department. I worked there for 2 years up until January 2008.

What I am hoping I might be able to do for people on here is provide genuine responses to your problems and help as best I can with the knowledge I have of BT processes and procedures. I am as I say an EX employee so you will get the truth from me whatever it maybe. Trust me, having to sit listening to genuine upstanding members of the public falling to pieces because of incompetence when you know the real reason but daren't say anything in fear of being sacked, was very unpleasant.

I am not promising I can solve you problems but I should be able to give you the actual reasons behind what is going on, so please fire away and I will see what I can do for you.


isn't my fault you made yourself look an idiot on your own topic.bye

dug if i want a pop at people i would be sure to put a name.if i stated to the attention of DUG then it would have been aimed at you if i didnt put your name at the top of my text then you even concidering its all about you IT ISN'T !

my stab is at none understand none english speaking people i have to put up with on the phone when i ring for support.i ALWAYS insist on speaking to someone who has a basic understanding of the english language in order for me to whine moan and rage properly.i am not rascist nor have any problem with india/asian people what so ever.but i do have a problem with BT employing people who cant even speak english let alone understand it .

So Liftitujp, not sure I get it.

Are you dissing me, dissing Indians, dissing BT or all or most of the above?

If you have a bone to pick with BT you should try getting it out minus the general nastiness.


HAHA you're just a tit wanting a little publicity if you ask me.

I read these and understand the frustration people are going through with BT=Bloody Typical.

I've been with them 3 weeks and I've already asked for my MAC address from them so I can shift to another ISP. Personally they suck yes they are pathetic and yes I would rather be with Virgin than these money-grabbing idiots. They employ India so they don't have to pay their FULL wage imo.

Phone them if you want a good laugh otherwise don't bother. Their approach to tech help is what they read off a readme probably published by BT's highly trained monkeys.

bt is is fucking shit.

I waited for 2hrs, then when I chat to them they cut off my number.

Fucking shit company fuck it and also I called from my mobile cost me a lot!

I tried again n talked to them politely to activate the account and they told me it will be activated in 2 working days but that didn't happen.

I called them after 3 days to see what's wrong and they said I haven't talked to them

they took my no too.
fuck ittttttttt.


I will be the man in the van that will turn up if you dare report a fault after being told that you will have to pay £150 or when you eventually get an appointment for that install.

I have been "on the tools " for 8 years now and things have never been so bad. I have read every post here and on behalf of every decent engineer I would like to apologise. We (Openreach THE ENGINEERS) see this every day. I know BT have never been brilliant but since the invention of Openreach it has got worse. I have turned up on faults that have been lines ordered weeks ago that someone has closed off, bband faults that have been on line concentrators or dacs circuits which would never have worked, I have had people stop me in the street saying "been trying to order line etc." or "reported a fault 3 weeks ago only for it to be auto closed"...

It would appear that if you do get lucky and get to speak to someone in BT they want your money regardless, i.e. if you move into a house that has a stopped line in it you could "takeover" that number but BT now will charge you even though they have not physically had to do anything.

I was on a fault last week and the customer drop-wire from the pole to the house was rubbing through trees so I replaced it only to get a phone call the next day from my manager asking why I hadn't charged the customer as the trees were on his property—this is the level that they are stooping to.

When every engineer closes a job, a coach or auditor from billing will reread his notes and charge even if the engineer doesn't. I worked out in my books from last year that in aprox 6 months the report code ABC 50 lasted all of x amount of faults the last few months DEF 10 has lasted the same so the faults are still getting reported but comped off by india faults without even coming out to an engineer.

I can say that our fault rate is down 50% because I'm £700 a month down.

So faults are getting reported, not leaving the call centre, getting closed off, cust unhappy re-rings BT and the same shit happens.

When an engineer eventually gets to you you wanna rip his head off right?

We sit in the exchange drinking tea because there's no work yet people are crying out for a decent service.

Again, as an Openreach engineer I whole heartedly apologise for the absolute shambles that you now rely on. It will get better I hope because there are guys out there that are willing to climb poles, sit in a shit stinking hole for YOU the customer. We all know that's what you deserve and that's what you are paying for.

Luton engineer

Still on hold............................................

"Thank you for holding... We are very busy at the moment and apologize for the delay, your call WILL be answered, as soon as possible"..... They've now said that 76 times (and counting).

I'm off to the supermarket.. I have them on loudspeaker on my mobile (I made them ring me), let's see if they will answer upon my return.



BT are utter shit.

They sent me a bill with three other houses' numbers. They want me to pay their instal fees and their line rental. The call centre staff are so stupid they don't understand that the other numbers do not belong to me, now BT have cut me off for not paying a bill that isn't mine, I cant wait to get to court, even Otelo think its laughable and two tabloid papers have offered money to follow the story as it goes to court.

I can't wait, I am going to milk BT for all I can get!

If you lot think you are having a tough time with BT, you should try dealing with Tiscali.

40 emails from them, and a similar number from me to them. Loads of "runaround" and "hang on" phone calls and about a dozen letters.

All to get £42-00 back that they overcharged. Six months later and still not got it! All on top of broadband being consistently down and at best only getting 0.3 meg.

What is wrong with the internet in the this country?

Hi there, I just moved to London from Sweden some 6 months ago.

My first shock was when I had to stay in line for 90 minutes in order to start a BT service. That went alright.

A few months later I'm moving home and I ask BT move my service to the next address. I'm told I'll get a temporary number and that goes fine too but what then? They say it will all be done in 6 days but I get to keep the temporary number for 3 weeks, and after calling BT dozens of times and standing in cold phone-booths for several hours a time, they bloody disconnect my line.

Another call later, and after being patched through from 3 different people (yes they're so bloody competent they know exactly who you should be reconnected to - 1st call - wrong department, 2nd person - India?!?! and she understands half of what I'm saying, 3rd person - I express some frustration and this lady is getting pissed off herself?

excuse me, some customer service skills?

4th person seems to be the only one awake - 'It seems sir that there's been an error on our part, we opened an extra BT account for you and then both have been disconnected.'

I became so paranoid I didn't want them to give me my old number back anymore, fearing that something else might screw up.

Anyway after being without internet (phone line) for 6 weeks, they reopen the line and I could apply for broadband service.

Their latest news for me is that without my bloody approval´our phone number's been changed and I've been told I have a ghost bill of £157 because 'sometimes the exchange fails to register the calls' Bullshit, I've paid and they've drained.

I only hope to quit this shit service asap and change to skytalk.

Here's a link I found which may help to relieve some anger at BT ^^

Is BT still s**t?

Yes, according to this site:

BT Suck

Have mailed them 5 times and called the 0800 call centre to many times to remember.

As I type I have been hanging on the phone for 36 mins with no answer.

I hate BT and all other telecoms companies

Get it on record that you have complained! I was so fed up with BT seemingly getting away with not sorting out complaints properly that I have set up this site:

Feel free to visit and get your gripe on record. If you want the site will forward the complaint to BT and give them the opportunity to respond (or advertise the fact that they havent!)



Well, It would appear that I am not alone in the nightmare that is BT.

I became self employed & had to install with BT due to where I lived. What happened to the free market indeed?!

2 weeks in, problem after problem. Nothing works, business affected, no apparent solutions to issues.

Nobody knows anything. I gave up calling. I must have been out & missed all the apparent "priority" call backs.

I paid in advance, only to receive a service bill for feautures never ordered. (not forgetting the ones I did order and paid for that are not working)

Now I face disconnection for a 2 week late bill for not paying for services never ordered or used? This is my livelyhood and there are no other suppliers.

It takes a lot to frustrate me but what is a girl to do in this situation?

Oh must go, just received a call from BT returning a "priority" call logged in Nov for broadband... makes you wonder when I would hear back if I wasn't a priority !!!!

If your problem isn't resolved, lodge a formal complaint (I did this through 0800 800 150) get a complaints number and ring 020 7356 5000. This gets you to head office. Tell them you've got an outstanding complaint and that you want it escalated to the Chairman's Office.

The guy I spoke to there got my issue sorted in 20 minutes, treated me with respect, did what he promised including ringing me back a couple of time to update me on progress.

I assume that they'll only be open normal office hours.


I myself work for BT, and I appreciate the criticism you are expressing, however here in the sales department we don't deal with your enquiry so please hold whilst I get you through to another advisor..........


I've just got of the line with BT, another three hour call (three min if you discount the time on- hold). WEEK THREE of trying to cancel my 1571 and told to wait another 24 hours. Fed-up I've decided to pull out the big guns the ten words that make BT actually do something:
"I'll be withholding my bill untill this matter is resolved." Then hang-up.

For Lee - and everyone - group hugs! I too was astonished to find myself in tears of frustration over BT. What actually terrifies me is the image of someone battling this who does not, like me, have the tenacity of a jack russell or the internet skills to find places like this for recourse...think old lady, think old man, think anyone actually who is a little vulnerable, heck think pretty much anyone What the hell are they going through - trying to be polite, believing in the system, believing that someone will ring them many millions is BT making from illegally high and incorrrect bills people are just too confused or worn out to question?
And what does this say about life today? What a struggle. And what, really can we do? They actually don't care. That is the truly unsettling point to all this.
I have e mailed the chairman, I have sent a report to the newspapers who investigate these things, I am always going to be on the look out, as a journalist, for ways to kick back at this poor excuse of a company and if you are on the verge of giving up - please don't. Get angry, call your local paper and get them to do a story on your horror - fantasise about fixing the phone lines of the directors so every little thing they ever call for puts them on 24 hour hold (you get the idea? When they are ringing to book a week on a private island in the Maldives, to buy a platinum ring for their mistress, nuclear war head - whatever!)and that might cheer you up sufficiently to fight another day.
What you must not do, not for one more minute, is ring them. It's like knocking on on the door of a medieval torture chamber begging to be let in and thumb screwed!! (and paying for the pleasure!). No actually, lets not go there.
So love to you all, stay sane and most importantly, fight back. xx

Ordered new line on BT website on 20th Sept.

Received email conformation--all OK.

Didn't hear any more so tried phoning them. So started 25 hours (so far) of frustration. Was told that order had been cancelled--no reason given.

Place 2nd order on phone--this too was cancelled because they "associated" it with the wrong flat number.

Third time lucky ? no chance. Was told I didn't need a new line--I was to take over an old line (in a new build flat?). Allocated me a number and said it would be on in 2 days.

Of course it wasn't.

Was then told they couldn't find the line to connect to--I wonder why. Next was told that it was now OK and would be on by the 5th Nov. On that day, a guy from India calls me to ask why I'd cancelled my order

WHAT ???

He then had to start another order (no.5 is that?). Later he phoned back to say that the allocated number belonged to someone else. Give me strength.

Now supposed to be on by the 20th Nov. I'll believe it when it happens. BT is far and away the worst company I've ever dealt with. They are a complete shambles. OFCOM were no help - I've now tried Watchdog.


Oh dear, all this makes my heart sink - I am reassured that I am not alone but disappointed that there is no magic solution - I can see I am never going to get a BT line as I have been trying for weeks to get through etc etc all the same experiences as everyone else. How do they get away with it???!!! it is a national disgrace.

My four-month BT nightmare began in June 2007.

We had just moved into a new build house in Cornwall and simply wanted the new phone line set up and activated.


No. In no way was this simple. Read my blog for full story at:

BT line been down now for almost one month despite one "fix" that lasted 2 days!

My broadband connection fortunately works. How weird--I reported the line fault via the web using broadband down a BT line?!?

Called the 151 service lots of times and get told engineers are calling, they are doing risk assessments and even digging some road up somewhere and putting up traffic lights for 6 hours last Sunday - but nowhere that I could see between me and the exchange...

Total bollocks again from BT.

When I complained about using my mobile phone they said that I will get £1 per day credited to my account. We'll see.

Hullo Anon, thanks for the reassuring? words.

Can I ask how you're privy to BT staffing policy? Are you a BT employee?

If you are, could you pass this page onto your manager please. We could all use a little love from BT at this point.


For all the people with GB numbers phoning 08000223089, there ARE people there answering the phone, however only a fraction of the staff needed is actually employed.

Not to be left out!

We had a BT line (the priviledged few!) but a housemate was leaving and as the account was in his name we wanted to change this to one of our other housemates. Well, apparently, a simple thing like that is not possible and we were told we would have to cancel the line and a new line would be activated the following day in our name. Can you guess what happened next?! No line!

I'm not going to bore you with every detials, but basically this was the end of July 2007. It's now 11th October 2007 and we still have no line. I've called 17 times and spoke to 17 different people, the last a few minutes ago. And what number do you think i was given today?! You got it, 0800 022 3089. I've actually ordered a line 4 times now! Not once has it ever got any further and every time i call back i get told it has been lost in the system and they need to reorder a new line. I think i must have only spoken with 4 people that can speak english and then only 2 with a brain - unfortuantely I haven't spoken to anyone with comon sense or who can be arsed to deal with our query. At the moment we are paying sky for calls and internet which we cant use and there is no hope in sight. I've never even been given an order number or telephone number.

BT have to be the most useless company I've ever dealt with. And this isn't the first time, at 2 previous addresses I've had similar problems, including engineers who can't use a screwdriver and don't bring cable with them to install a line! I spent my last week's holiday calling BT and wasted 3 days of my life doing so without any joy! add HSBC into the mix and i wonder why we bother with phones and savings accounts, we should use carrier pigeons and piggy banks as they'd do a better job.

And to the supposed person who works for BT and said cut them some slack, give us your real name and maybe we'll believe you aren't some kind of marketing guy trying to save BT's bacon - and if you are such a marketing guy, shame on you for working with such an awful bunch of money grabbing scum!

Well, I've got a connection, but whether it remains connected long enough to post this is another matter...

BT have got to be the most incompetent corporation this side of Pluto. Broadband is rubbish and the crackling on the phone line is so bad I have to rely on T-Moblile to make and receive calls.

Are BT interested? There's more chance of getting a corpse to do the tango!

I am now into my fourth hour with BT, over the course of four attempts to get them to connect my line.

I have never experienced anything this bad, anywhere, and it is just pure pain dealing with them.

I fail to see how Orange, who I use for my mobile, and BT (two companies with ostensibly similar balance sheets) can have such diametrically opposite customer service desires.

BT are a disgraceful cauldron of pain. The sooner WiMAX et al take them out of a business the better.

I have had a similar experience I have been trying to get through to BT for a month about a wrong order that was sent so far I have had 4 parcels but non of them have had what I ordered in them. I have spent over 25 hrs on the phone and I have yet to talk to anyone who can sort out my problem if you do actually manage to get through it's always to the wrong department and you just get passed on to someone else(in yet another queue)or else you get cut off by total incompents you think if they worked for BT they could manage to work a phone surely that would be in their basic training but perhaps I'm expecting to much like getting someone who can answer a phone and sort out your problem!

I am actually on the phone at the minute so add another hour and a half to the 25 I have already wasted I would also like to share with you a converation I had on one of the few occasions I managed to get through I asked for the number for the complaints department and he said they didn't have one! as you can imagine I was drying the tears of laughter from my eyes, he then promised me that the customer care team (he couldn't or wouldn't give me a number for them!)would ring me back within the hour that was on the 25th September I am still waiting. perhaps they should be playing Hanging on the telephone by Blondie!

Yes, BT are very shit.....still

I know this thread has been quiet for a while, but in case anyone is still listening, I have had the same experience and have decided to create a petition on the 10 Downing Street website.

The link is here, if anyone is interested:


For those people with a gripe about the provision of BT Telephony service, please look at the link below.


I've been having very similar experiences with BT - I've been given and charged for an account whch I specifically said I did not want, and have now spent an entire day trying to cancel it and avoid charges! Has anyone tried Virgin? Their customer service over the phone is PHENOMENAL! They're helpful, fast, no queues, all one department, call you back, etc. etc. etc. Worth checking out.

The house that I've just moved to burnt down two years ago. It was totally renovated but the telephone line was never reinstalled.

I've been trying to speak to someone at BT for the past month. I've spent countless hours on hold, listening to how busy they are, when I do manage to get through to a human I'm told that I'm speaking to the wrong department and I get put on hold again.

I've written 3 letters of complaint--only one of which has been acknowledged by a human, the other two getting the "We have received your letter of complaint. Please be aware that we are very busy at the moment" automated response.

If I could get cable I would. If there was another company that installed lines I'd use them...but instead I'm forced to chew on a huge shit sandwich as BT pointedly ignore my cries for help.

The fella who works for BT says cut them a bit of slack--I say kick them in the sacks... as soon as I get my new line installed I'm going to make a point of fucking them off and switching to a different provider, cause if this is how they treat potential customers god only knows what they do to regular customers.



Well, I've finally managed to get the engineers to give me a date to turn up. They should arrive tomorrow and I'll let you know how I get on.

I thought you'd also be interested to know that I have sent 4 letters to the BT customer service department at the following address:

Mrs Jillian G Lewis
Customer Service Director
BT plc
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT

Can anybody guess how my responses/letters etc. I've had since I sent the letters over three weeks ago? Yep, jack diddly shit! Zero! Nothing!

How on earth do they get away with it? Surely Ofcom should be jumping up and down on them!

Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on with the engineers tomorrow.

been trying to get hold of bt for a wrong bill after i disconnected with them, and its been a hell - on hold for 2 hrs, and thn im told they dont deal with GB numbers and gave me that 08000223089 number, which place nice background music for my colleagues all day, as i put it on the speaker cos i cant hold it all day. once someone picked up and said his manager will call me back within 4 hours, which never happenned, and am back to try calling. Atlast someone picked the call today and says its a wrong department and i have to call 150. When i told him they said htey dont handle GB numbers, he realised it and said he will transfer directly, which i am right now on hold for another 1 hour, after the 1 hour in the morning.

I am having the same problem as all above, new line, 'GB' account number, bloody 0800 022 3089.

All I need to do is pay my bill! They got the line switch on in just over a week. If someone at BT know's what's going on with these GB accounts then please tell us!

Just an Update...

After all that, I was told "We will put you through to some one who can help you..." On hold for around 10 minutes...

Lines goes totally bloody dead... Hung on for a while whilst I listened to the nothingness of the phone *you never know...* Whilst I filled in an Offcom complaint form.

Right I'm currently on call to that horrid number, 0800 022 3089.... I actually got through... First I was asked if My name was Mr Terrance.. secondly I found out I'm on the "Wrong record" and need to be put through to a DIFFERENT customer services..

Ok I'm back at the endless ringing so I can type in peace...

This all started 3 months ago, My mother passed away, I'm a 19 year old College student who has just left that all behind and is struggling with grants to pay for a funeral that i had the most basic as I can't afford jack right now.

So i call up BT to get stuff put in my name, keeping EVERYTHING as it was, IE.. I went to keep my self with bleeding Pipex as they actually answer their phones and I can still have sky broad band whilst with them!! no dealing with BT!!

Cut a long story short I got Slammed. Being in a state of distress I hadn't a clue what to do, I've been in education my entire life, my mum insisted i not get a job and concentrate on my studies, it's what I did.

I'm now looking at a magical bill for £250, 170 of that is for "Amendments to a previous bill"...
This is my first god damned bill!

*Still on hold by the by...*

So i've signed that petition, but now I am still sitting here, terrified I'm going to have to pay this £250 which I don't have, Currently I'm budgeted to the last peny... This doesn't come in.

*Answer to phone call!*

£250 cut of charge it seems. Considering I was slammed by BT whilst in a state of distress if they don't sort this Pipex have told me to call Offcom.

If anyone can offer my advice, I need it, I'm close to breaking down here, this is too much to handle and the wrong time to do it!

My e-mail is

A very screwed around distressed person.

Hi All,

I'm going for a quick post here - firstly, I have had exactly the same problems as many of you with the 0800 0223089 number - positively awful.

Luckily, I got through to someone helpful on the new line provide sales number who chased up my order and even phoned me back and left an answerphone message on my mobile - he did put me on hold for a long time, so I gave up (I think there is a real disconnect between their CRM and engineer systems perhaps...). So give them a go! 0808 100 7722

Final suggestion - complain to Ofcom, if enough people do it, they will investigate!:

good luck


Hi All

I am the latest victim of BT's 0800 022 3089

I ordered a new line on the 2nd of August and after HOURS of waiting, being cut-off, and generally being passed from one call centre to another I have decided to call upon the 1000's, 10,000s, 100,000s of others out there to get together and force BT to get their act together!

I cannot believe that waiting for an hour plus, and still not getting a resolution, for "CUSTOMER SERVICE" at BT has not become an issue that Watchdog etc aren't looking at.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post. But how about getting a co-ordinated effort together to SHAME BT for the dismal "customer support"?

Dr David John Evans


Hi to all u guys who have been fucked around by the cunts in this fascist telecom that is BT (Bastard Telecom)

I think people should switch to mobile internet devices, like the voda/tmobile usb hubs, give them the chance to develop, or the cable networks so BT gets fucked.

It will take time and money (which BT sucks from us through its connection fuck line). The usb hubs work as good and u can use it anywhere. i have just purchased a usb hub after pissing about for a total of 3 days 6hrs/d on the 0800/0845 no, but since I have no fucking landline...

calls have been on my mobile..... SOB!

So my solution was fuck BT and so I purchased a USB vodaphone broadband, i now can do all my work and get my calls from my mobile...

2 fingers to the British Tittycom!

Good luck u poor souls who still strive to achieve a BT line!

Yes they still are. :(

I have been waiting almost a month so far to get a new phone-line installed.

The property has never had a line to it (new build)... They keep changing how long they say it will take every time I phone in, so who knows how long it will really take to get a line.

I don't understand how a monopoly (I have no choice but them to get a line put in) is allowed to say stuff like "15-21 days for someone to call you to schedule an install."

But again, that was just the last time I got through after hours in a queue via a mobile phone...the time before it was 48 hours.

Well after reading all your problems with BT I am now going to give you another one to add to the Shit List of BT, before I start I would like to point out that I work for Microsoft and know inside out about PCs.

Well after being with 56K for a long time I saw the offer for BT BB so there I went and made the FREE CALL and and no long wait.

A week later and my router and CD were sent to me.

So, after putting it all up step by step I clicked on the BB logo and hoped to get online. A few hours later and the problems started. Very slow internet I phoned up and after waiting 2 hours I got on to a non-English man who asked me to tell him the problem I told him and him not having a clue I was passed on to another woman who was this time English and again didn't know what the problem was...

So after weeks of phoning and e/mailing I was told that my line could not cope with the speed of the BB EVEN THO THEY DID A LINE CHECK BEFORE I BOUGHT BB. I was then told my PC must be slow, me then pointing out i have a PC well over £2.000 they then told me I am too far away from the base where my BB comes from, even tho the base is under 10 mins away from me, the uni across the road from me have 2.000 PC'S and all have BT BB and no problems what so ever so how can I be 2 far away?

Then, after all this I was told my router was old, a week later I was sent a new one then there I was back to stage one with the same problems.

So 1 YEAR on and no internet and still waiting for someone to tell me whats wrong with my internet.

Oh, and one more thing this is how much BT don't care about us OR the queen! I have also got the COURT on to them and with 2 fingers they have said nothing back, So from my point of view BT are SHIT SHIT SHIT AND MORE SHIT, no matter who works for them NO ONE KNOWS what they are talking about.

On hold to 0800 0223089 as I write:

"We are very bust at the moment and apologise for the delay. Your call will be answered as soon as possible."

From what I gather from the posts here, it's more likely that Atlantis will rise from the waves than someone picking up the phone. It is hugely frustrating.

My problem relates to extortionate and entirely ungrounded service charges that I am trying to get a refund for. My only option might be to write an official complaint letter to BT and to contact Oftel and 'whatever ombudsman' as Carlos suggested but who's got time for that? What I did have time for was to sign the following petition:

Please do sign up as well and maybe together we can break their monopoly and curb their arrogance!

And as to your question, Dug, yes they are.

Still on hold.

Was reading through and thought I'd add to the rant too.

I've just moved into a new pad and got phone active, was active the next day but trying to get broadband from BT is a nightmare, they told me to ring 0800 022 3089 ... on hold for at least 1 hour ... I'm most certain there is no one home at that number.

I'm sure someone out there knows something in BT.


I placed my landline order online, a month ago on 2th July.

Until today, I got nothing.

No body ever send me an email, a letter or a phone call. I tried to contact BT on 0800 800 150. If I am lucky, the line will get through within 45 mins, and then when I give them my ref. number of the order, I will be transfered to the bloody number 0800 022 3089, then that's the end of the service, no one ever picked up the phone.

F*ck BT service!!!

Becki, I feel your pain!


Interesting reading, sad reading actually, since I have the exact same problem.

Just moved into a new place, then the task of connecting to BT to order a line. Been a BT customer since 2001, on and off for telephone, since 2003 for broadband, and 2005 for Wifi. Forced to have cable for 2006 due to the place I lived, but kept the wifi contracts for my wife and I.

Now the present: after approx 4 1/2 hours worth of calls between my wife and I to connect using our mobile phones to sign up for the telephone, nothing arrived. Phoning them back got put through to accounts (held on for 3 hours). Phoned back again two days later (5 1/2 weeks since our first try) to finally get the reason, they need to do a credit check because we are new customers. Paid directly a deposit of GBP50 regardless the fact that I have a great credit record and am not a NEW customer to BT.

Line was ordered and engineer promised.

Thankfully after just over 6 weeks from start engineer did arrive, and line was installed. Waited another 3 days before I ordered Option 3 broadband and got through surprisingly quickly due to using the Microsoft XBox BT partnership number (tip) and was told the activation will be 48 to 72 hours, and kit will arrive in 5 to 7 days.

8 days later nothing, no live broadband and no kit (tested using my own kit). Checked order status online using my (radical idea) account login on Am told there is no broadband order. Phoned BT. Held on at 945pm for 37 minutes. Got told another department was in control of the number (???) and that I should call 08000223089 the next day (tomorrow) despite having an order number for them to track. They are not able and insist I speak to this department. I ask what department is this. India tells me its General Billing & Enquiries.

Am seeing from this post that this will be a useless exercise as I am back to the start again!

Help anyone!


At this very moment in time I am ringing that bloody number 0800 022 3089.


I am a Donkey on the Edge who has been waiting for a telephone number - new line for nearly a month. And I picked today to stop smoking!!!!!


Looked at comments and felt compelled to add my own!

Like many, I to had to phone BT regarding my hub. After being passed from pillar to post and send half way round the world my router still isn't working properly after 4 months of trying to get it fixed I've given up!!

Feel quite traumatised by the whole thing!

Hello to all.
I know it's no help to anyone, but just thought I'd join in the rant.
I have just signed up to BT to get a phone line in my new house. First of all I called to enquire about the existance of a line into the property, a simple check that any monkey at BT can do. However, I was told that it would take 7 days for someone to call me back with the answer. This call never came. I therefore called them back 2 weeks later (on hold for 30 minutes) and demanded an answer to my query. Low and behold, an answer was given within 2 minutes while on the phone.

I was told that there would be no problem and no charge and given my new number. The following day I received a text from BT asking me to call this 0800 022 3089 number about my order. I have been trying to call this number for the last 2 days without getting through.

As I don't actually have a land line, I have to use my mobile, which charges a lot to call a "free"-phone number.

All this just to get broadband. Broadband, I might add, that I never had any intention of getting from BT.

It's a scandal. Please join me in supporting the petition at the address below.


I would like to chime in that i've also had absolutely awful problems with BT!!!

A total of 2 months and so so soooooooooo many hours on the phone getting transferred to hundreds of different departments time and time again where no one can help because I too have a 'GB' account!!!

Getting cut off, hundreds of promises of calls back and not received one, waiting for hours to try and get through to BT openreach (lol Ed.) with no answer. I think it really is seriously making me ill, I'm a grown man and it was nearly making me cry with frustration!!! Making me get so worked up and anxious that I got bad headaches, tense all over and feeling ill!

And it still hasn't been resolved and there doesn't seem to be anything i can do about it!!


Carlos - did you sort out your problem?

I have the identical problem from trying to get my home number set up correctly, to trying to get my broadband package delievered and on, and ringing that useless 08000223089 number endlessly.

I just don't know what to do.


I love this one: Phone 0800 587 4687 to be given an 0845 600 7020 to sort your query?!?

I've been trying to get a BT line installed, but been on hold for most of the day with still no luck.

I need BT, cause it's the only way I can get broadband at home and can't understand how this can happen in a "free market". I am forced to use their services, but they're so incompetent that I can't even sign up.

3.5 hours in total on the phone and still can't get connected. They should save their money on advertising and invest it in more people at call centres perhaps...

Jamie, thanks for your email and your comments.

I would agree with you that if you balance call centre experiences across the industry BT does fare well.

Maybe the problem is that everyone has higher expections of BT...

Well Dug,

I work in the debt management department, I'm the one who cuts off your line for not paying your bills and I am also the one that extends time for customers to pay their bills and deal with direct debits.

Another thing I meant to add was that BT has the best Customer Service out of the Telecommunications call centres.

I signed up for a BT line 2 months ago and I am still waiting for a line!! I am also unable to contact any person that can help, everyone transfers me to phone number 08000223089 which I have tried to call for 50 hours (leave phone ringing and noone answers, about 1 hour later it disconnects automatically!!) If I call to a diff. number within BT, they are not helful and they say they cannot access the details of my new 'GB' account because it is in a new dabatase...

I agree with Shelley they are bloodsuckers and provide 0 service. The only letters I have got are reminders to pay (which I have despite my problem not been resolved at all! And noone answering the phone to even discuss a refund!)...

It has been error after error and noone to appeal to. I am now having to spend my Saturday writing a complaint letter to BT , Oftel and whatever Ombudsman I can find...

First, they never sent me a letter with my phone number nor account number. Second, when the phone started working, no broadband provider did recognise it as a valid number . Third, when I called BT and told them about the problem, they were completely useless. After many hours on the phone, I found out BT though I had number A when I really had number B inside my house, apparently there was a 'cross-line'.
After raising many 'faults', they transferred the problem to Open Reach engineers which spam my mobile with messages telling me they would fix the problem by a certain date, never actually fixing it. In the last 2 weeks I have called day after day with 0 success.

I have never in my life experienced anything so bad as this despite living in many countries. It is not even a 3rd world service. It is a pure joke, and not funny at all if it happens to you!

'Haha' was having a laugh. Not sure he would quite laugh if it happened to him.

I believe every word Shelley said (which knows BT from within). Big bosses spending our money while we are frustrated paying to BT which monopolises the lines and cocks up regularly. The only other choice is cable, which I used to have and now wish I had never cancelled!

Maybe I decide to go 100% mobile to avoid dealing with BT in the future.

I work for BT also and I say that we should cut them some slack.

BT no longer has the monopoly due to the restrictions that OFCOM has enforced on us. OK i do admit it was a bad thing for BT to outsource to India but think of the call packages they are offering e.g free evening and weekend calls for a year, all you need to do is take it out for 18 months then your only paying full price for the next 6 months which is only 3.95 increase.

Also BT are truthful with customers, informing them how much they need to pay like connection charges unlike Talk Talk and Sky which have hidden charges.

I think it's about time that we, the general public cut them some slack

(Dug adds: shame this person chose to not leave his email. It would be great to hear from BT but I guess this will have to do. Anon, if you're reading this, please do tell us who you are and what you do at BT.


in my opinion BT are absolutely SHITE.
like a previous comment about indian call centers i waited 1.5 hrs for someone to pick up, then after 10 mins they cut you off, absolute crap, it is right that they just do not give a flying fcuk about anyone appart from their pocket. oh and haha or wot ever you call your self i think there is a village missing an idiot and that idiot is you!!!!!!

Haha listen to all you sad people, get back to your sad lives!!! O and Shelly, get a new job then!

Just like to say that i had a problem with my phone, found absolutely no help at all from bt absolute crap service complete and utter rubbish.I will just use a mobile from now on

Shelley, thanks for posting your comment. Sooner or later BT will have to shift into the modern world but I don't see it happening soon. One of the most depressing things I experience daily is being lied to by marketing and let down by big business. We are in the matrix and the direct debit is the hose they use to suck a little life from us everyday:-(

Hang in there, I hope you've got some like-minded folk at work to share this with!


I work for BT and even i am disgusted by them. They have the monopoly and basically don't give a f*ck about their customers. I get customers screaming at me and crying down the phone with problem after problem day after day, but BT don't give us, the call agents, the resources or authorisation to help them. They don't care if we help them, they just want to grab their money. So frustrating!! Basically BT are money grabbing bloodsuckers and i wouldn't touch them with a 10 ft barge pole!! Oh... and while the bosses are rolling in it from all the money they drain from people for their shit service, we're on little more than minimum wage! Cunts.

I wouldn't touch BT with a barge pole even if my life depended on it. You call BT technical help and get put through to India call Centre who don't undestand BT's own terminology they use on there own website. I trie explaining when I try to log into my webmail it reports my account is supspended, I get asked by the call centre what supended means ? Thye told me it was a billing problem, I call the billing department, they tell me there no billing problem, they tell me to call technical, you can work out what happens next, (run Circles lol). The techhie starts diagnosing my router for a webmail problem despite me telling her the internet is fine. lol

Gave up on the email problem and BT



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